Ully Artha Sexy

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Tante Girang Bugil, Ully Artha Bugil

At the age that is more than half a century, senior Ully Artha actress still looks sexy. What's the secret?

Ully Artha confess because he was not sexy to fitness in the fitness center. "Fitness at home alone, cleaning floor diligent, broshing floor, cleaning glass," babble stage when 55 years was found in the launch of movie 'Bebek Belur' in Restaurants Sindang Reret Jl. Wijaya 1, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Wednesday (29/4/2009).

beautiful celebrities in this opportunity as an Tante Girang , but he disprove it all, he admitted having a relationship with a young man (Brondong), but he was not a Tante girang.