Shireen Sungkar

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shireen sungkar a sloping media coverage, gossip about the video bokep shireen sungkar circulating on the internet, many people pout on his whim that is unreasonable, he is considered harmful to the east because the culture has created a video bokep. But over the bad news circulating, maternal shireen sungkar rebut and say that the video bokep shireen sungkar is sheer fabrication and calumny, shireen sungkar according to his mother may not make such a foolish action, the mother ardina point, there are parties who begrudge the success of shireen sungkar in his career , so that makes the lie to the public.

shireen sungkar Is artist a newcomer to the start after the famous star sinetron Cinta fitri, he was the son of former senior actors and artists, and mark Sungkar veny bauty. shireen sungkar currently close to a player sinetron Adly Fairuz.