Cinta Laura Still In Entertainment

Selebriti News. After a feud with MD Entertainment production house some time ago, the frequency of appearance of a young artist Cinta Laura on the television screen decreases. Rumors say that the virgin was started 16 years did not sell.

But his mother, Herdiana denied the rumors. "If for a career not a problem, well, I think Cinta still exist tuh," explained Herdiana while talking with detikhot via telephone, Monday (1/2/2010).

Herdiana tells not mean an artist's appearance on television is reduced, and associated with the start did not sell these celebrities. Cinta laura still filling a number of events are off the water in some places.

Not only that, the schedule of singing actors 'Oh Baby' is also still busy. Only Cinta began to focus now with school.

Problem side victory against a lawsuit related MD Entertainment's production house as much as Rp 1.7 billion, Herdiana proudly confessed. But he also Cinta will not proceed beyond.

"I do not think deh, well we are just friends, not enemies have enemies," he concluded.