Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Celebrity News - Although their relationship was not yet three months, but Katy Perry and Russell Brand have decided to stay together. Moreover, Katy's family seemed to have fit the Russell and the British comedian called this as a good man.

According to several eyewitnesses, Russell and Katy looks are looking for the right house for them to live together in London around the city. The couple have even asked one of their aides to look at two houses that each have six bedrooms.

"Russell and Katy was looking for a house to rent with them for the next few months. They hope to live together as quickly as possible," said a source as reported by Splash News.

So far I have found no certainty that the house where they would take, but Russell has reportedly started to offer his house in Hampstead for sale. "Russell has started offering his house in Hampstead," said the same source.

About the decision to stay with this supposedly originated from a meeting between Russell Brand with Katy's family some time before. "They plan to move after Katy's family agreed to their relationship because they thought Brand was a good guy.